Matt and Jenna's Emerald Lake Lodge winter wedding

There was something especially magical about Jenna and Matt’s winter wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge. Perhaps it was the heavy layer of snow that fell the night of their wedding; covering the island in a blanket of stillness and quiet. Or, the crackling fire that warmed guests as they read their own vows, promising each other eternity. If we really had to pinpoint the magic, we think it was the way Matt looked at Jenna the entire day. Like it was just the two of them on the island. Like he was aware of, and thankful for, every moment of his life that lead him to her. Yes, that must have been it. We’ve officially decided that winter boots, blankets and hot chocolate pair perfectly with a wedding gown.

Planning: Social & Co | Flowers: Flowers By Janie

Mike and Adrienne - Nose Hill Park

I always tell my couples that the most meaningful weddings are the ones where the bride and groom do them. I really only remember the wedding where the couple does the things that are really important to them and not what they see on Martha Stewart or Pinterest. And that's exactly what Mike and Adrienne did for their engagement session in Calgary and their wedding at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff. I can't wait to share more photos from this session and their wedding.